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Transferring Your Existing Data to PSM's Hosting:

1. Schedule a date for the new database installation at our ASP.

We do a clean eCW install on the ASP server sometime prior to the data move. This is the date that is shown in our tracking database for the install, so it's done well in advance of the move. This is a minimal install, providing a framework for the practice's data to be imported within - this date is not the same as the completion date for the move.

2. The practice contacts PSM to coordinate downloading the data from their server.

PSM will discuss the particular needs of the practice and set a date for the data move. Specific factors the practice should be aware of are the amount of data they'll need to send us, whether or not a VPN will need to be set up (a separate but related issue to the data move), and changes that need to be made to their network infrastructure. The practice is encouraged to confirm all conversations via email, so that everyone involved is aware of the progress made.

3. The practice needs to copy their eCW data to a USB disc and send it to our data center.

The practice must copy the following data from their system:

C:\eclinicalworks\tomcat6\webapps, C:\eclinicalworks\mysql\data, and C:\eclinicalworks\ftp. There are sometimes variations in the names; instead of tomcat6, it could be tomcat or tomcat5, or the disk could be a different letter, like D: or E:. The practice must not use their system after the data copy until the transfer is complete at our data center - at which time they'll be using the new system. The USB disc must be port-powered, i.e., it must not have an external power supply. The data transfer will typically occur on a Thursday, and the data will be sent to our site overnight for delivery on Friday. The transfer to our servers will normally occur after 6pm that day and be ready by Sunday morning. Finally, the USB disc must be sent with a return shipping label, so we can return it promptly.

4. The practice must be prepared to reconfigure their eCW clients. (This applies if the practice will be using a VPN connection to access eClinicalWorks. A VPN connection is required if the practice wishes to use the eCW client software, or if the practice uses the eCW fax server.)

Following the data move, the practice should be prepared to modify or upgrade their existing eCW workstations. We will work with their local IT provider as necessary - typically, we'll walk the IT person through the modifications on one machine and show them what needs to be done. We strive to be finished with the data move by Sunday so the practice can choose to minimize their downtime by making required changes on that day. If not, the practice should start early on Monday following the move so they can work through any problems. In any case, they'll want to book a minimum of appointments for that day, so patient service is not impacted by any adjustments that need to be made to the system. They will also need to have us reconfigure their faxserver, if any.

Shipping address for USB disc:

Physician Select Management
c/o Switch Communications
4495 E. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104-6333